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Notices abound throughout the camp indicating that the barbed wire fences were electrified (right and below) .

Roll calls were held in the square pictured above. Block 16 is on the right and the kitchen can be seen behind the sentry box. The roll calls often lasted several hours until the prisoner count was deemed to be correct.

During the rollcalls the SS often carried out beatings and punishments as well as public executions in which they used either the multiple gallows erected nearby or portable gallows. Hangings were also carried out in he yard between Blocks 10 and 11.

Prisoners spent over ten hours per day working, and the rest of the time was taken up by long assemblies, lining up for food rations or a place in the latrines or washroom, removing dirt and pests from clothing, and disinfection.

The old sentry box (left) probably dates from the time when the area was a military camp.

One end of the main kitchen block is shown below. Behind the barbed wire is the present visitors' centre which, during the war, was the reception building for prisoners.

The reception building is shown fully in the second picture below.

We return to the main prisoner block buildings (right) a number of which accommodate the various Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II Museums that form the contents of the next page of this website.

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